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We did it…we moved from Austin, TX to Southern CA! Just getting settled and that will take a month or so….look for some cool SoCal HDR’s soon!! This is from the old Packard outside of Vista West Ranch. The interior is sweet! Look how comfortable that seat looks! =) Have fun!

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Four days working. Three days at my own disposal. And still I fail to do what I had in mind on my free Wednesdays: write.

And why not? What’s keeping me? I can find countless excuses: I need to work extra hours; I need to spend some quality time with my boyfriend (this does seem to be a vital part in a relationship); I work all day behind a computer and I don’t feel like doing so at home as well. The list goes on.

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confessions of a wisconsin housewife

i’m on pinterest this morning sorting through different ideas and i came across this fun project that my future mother-in-law gave me instructions for about a month ago that i wanted to do with the kids at home. i got to thinking that this would be a fun “rustic” favor for our wedding, AND such a fun every day project for kids. (they get to get their little hands dirty!)

here’s the instructions i found:

mix 3/4 cup flour, 1/2 cup water, 1 packet unflavored gelatin (2.5tsp) & 3 TBSP corn syrup. add 4 cups of birdseed and mix well.

spray the inside of a heart shaped cookie cutter with cooking spray. line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and place cutter on it. pack birdseed mix into the cookie cutter firmly.

use a chopstick to make a hole at the top. pull off cookie cutter and repeat for the…

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A walk with my camera

It’s a given that kids will most likely ambush a photographer and strike a pose in front of the camera.  That’s how it has always been for me since I’ve started taking pictures of my neighborhood.  And almost every time that happens I will humor them and take a photo or two just to get them off my back, without ever having the intention of giving it a second look.  The main reason for that is my dislike for the “pogi pose” which comes very naturally to them.  “Pogi” is Filipino for handsome.

kids on a tricycle

So I set out taking photos of children again as most of the adults were smart to hide from the midday sun.  This overgrown kid with a fancy camera just happens to be too dense to walk along the streets bareheaded without any sunscreen.

little boys from the neighborhood

I might be mistaken but I think I’ve read somewhere that the legendary…

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