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Even if you are comfortable with your appearance, living life overweight can have serious health implications and when it reaches a certain point you must be able to hit the brakes. boulderphil Finding a way to slow down and put the scales in reverse is hard, but not impossible. Follow some of the information listed below and you can get those numbers moving down at a steady pace.

An easy way to make sure you are getting your daily exercise is to purchase an inexpensive pedometer. A pedometer measures the amount of steps you take in a day. Wear it everywhere you go, and try to make sure you hit 10,000 steps each day. This will help you to stay in top shape. A great tip to help you lose weight is to familiarize yourself with restaurants’ menus. Trombone Forum Instruments For Sale Most fast food restaurants today have a spreadsheet with all of their nutritional information on display. By using this information as a guide, you can make healthier choices even at a fast food restaurant.

Losing weight is never an easy job and the time it consumes can feel like it’s eating your life away. However, the rewards at the end are well worth it and living a healthier life is never something to take lightly. Continue eating carefully and exercising regularly to ensure the weight stays off once it’s gone.


This Sydney Life

And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. (Spike Milligan)

Working from his studio in Melbourne, Marc Pascal designs and produces a variety of interior products for contemporary living.  He is predominantly a lighting designer, and his work can be seen in both commercial and domestic environments.

The uniqueness of his products lie both the quality of materials used and the way they are transformed.

Marc Pascal may love orchids, but I particularly love his award-winning Orchid Lamp. Polycarbonate film is dyed in his studio in a vast array of hues. All the lighting is made to order for small or large orders. Customers can indicate colour preference when ordering.

It is quite beautiful…

Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp (table)

If you decide you need a Marc Pascal Orchid Lamp, or if you’d just like to see some…

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Flowery Prose

On a mid-July trip to northern Alberta, the roadsides were brimming with bright purple fireweed (Epilobium angustifolia, formerly Chamerion angustifolium); I don’t think I’ve seen that many plants in quite a few years.  While this beautiful wildflower isn’t considered noxious in this province, it has a rather aggressive growth habit (an understatement!) and most people don’t usually encourage it in the garden.

Fireweed is so-called because of its ability to be “first on the scene” and colonize burned land after a natural fire.  This may partially explain its abundance in northern Alberta, a region beset by several forest fires in recent years.   (In my reading, I came across this interesting notation, which remarked on the colonization of fireweed in Skamania County after the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980).  According to an article by Julie Walker in the Calgary Horticultural Society’s August/September 2012 issue of Calgary Gardening, fireweed will consume all of the potassium from burned soil and return it…

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Sincerely Liz


Making yarn from old sheets is a great way to repurpose something that you might otherwise throw away or use for rags. Weaving and crocheting with sheets is tons of fun and goes very fast because you use a large crochet hook.  I have tried knitting in the past and found that I got bored with it, I have never tried to crochet before and never planned on it until………..I was at the hairdressers and one of the hairdressers at the salon brought in a rug she had just finished and set in on the floor for everyone to see, I was blown away !!!  I asked Dar if I could take a picture and the craziness began.  I watched 1001 videos on how to crochet, ran to Walmart and bought a large hook and dug out some old sheets.

My first rug
My 2nd rug
In the bathroom
In my…

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